2016 Guide for Undecided Voters, Clinton vs. Trump

The Clinton vs. Trump Quick Summary, A National Emergency


Clinton:  A Safer World

Stable, reliable, confident leadership

Solid alliances

Healthy tax base to support long-term defense and social needs

Fight economic disadvantages that threaten the long-term economic well-being of all Americans

Trump:  A Dangerous World

Unstable, impulsive, insecure leadership

Rattled, wary, unsure alliances

Eroding tax base to jeopardize long-term defense and social needs

Promote widening disparities in income and economic opportunity threatening long-term well-being of all Americans

Clinton:  A Stronger Society

Build a stronger, integrated society

Tolerate, value, exploit diversity

Patriotism and civic responsibility


Trump:  A Weaker Society

Tear apart social unity through divisiveness; build walls to divide Americans

Malign diversity, sanction hatred of fellow Americans

Selfish disregard for well-being of all Americans


Clinton:  A Stronger Democracy

All Americans first

Promote participatory democracy and citizen voting

Respect the individual

Strive to create social opportunity for all Americans

Strive to restore reasonable compromise to governing bodies

Trump:  A Weaker Democracy

Me first

Establish barriers to inhibit voting and involvement

Dehumanize the individual by insult

Strive to curtail individual rights and increase barriers to individual opportunity

Institutionalize special interest, do-nothing government

Clinton:  A commitment to science and the environment

Support and employ science for social, medical, and climate well-being

Trump:  A disdain for science and the environment

Reject/ignore science, damaging social, medical and climate well-being

Clinton:  A commitment to citizen safety and the second amendment

Modest gun regulation to protect gun owner rights and citizen safety

Trump:  A commitment to gun sales over citizen safety

Unfettered gun sales at expense of citizen safety and long-term gun owner rights

Clinton:  A president qualified for the job; a role model of strength, service, commitment

Trump:  A president grossly unqualified for the job; a role model of carelessness, self-interest, bigotry